Steam Enabled Cooking = Freshness + Taste + Health

Fuel meals are almost fully cooked and they just need to be finished in the microwave. They are packed with a unique packaging technology which steams them in your microwave so that the meals come out fresh, delicious and healthy, without any loss of nutrients or taste. Just pop them in your microwave and set the heating times as follows:

Because every microwave has a different wattage and design, start by setting the initial time on high for 3 minutes and watch the meal while it cooks. As the meal heats, you see the transparent top layer expand with steam. As the meal continues to cook, you will see the layer rise, and then pop as the steam vents out of the package. This means the meal has finished cooking. Let the meal cook for 10 more seconds after venting and stop the microwave. Remove the meal and let is stand for 15-20 seconds, then remove the top layer. Your fresh, delicious steaming meal is ready!

If the meal does not vent in 3 minutes, add 30 seconds more of heating and continue to watch for steam expansion and venting. Repeat as needed but stop cooking 10 seconds after venting.

Organic, paleo and gluten free options available. Step1: Put package in microwave
Organic, paleo and gluten free options available. Step2: Steam heating and self-venting at desired temperature
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